Ai-Petri is very popular among tourists for its distinctive rock formations, so-called "white teeth". They stretch from Cape Ai-Todor all the way to the sea. These " teeth" are, of course, mountain peaks of different heights, the highest of them measuring roughly 1,350 meters. As for the height of Ai-Petri itself, it's 1234 meters above the sea level. During the winter season, the array gets covered with snow that lingers on until spring.

Being on top of the mount, you would be able to witness the gorgeous horizon line of the vast sea at a staggering distance of about 135km, get a breathtaking view of Yalta, Swallow’s Nest, the Vorontsov Palace, Cape Ai-Todor and other Crimean landmarks, including the Simeiz mountain, Diva and Mount Koshka.

Ai-Petri’s sharp teeth are made up of 4 enormous (60-80 meters in height) peaks and numerous tiny ledges on the ridge. They were formed by weathering of heterogeneous reef limestones. The name Ai-Petri comes from Greek and means "Saint Peter". Back in the day, there was a Greek monastery of St. Peter here. The ruins of the monastery are still there.

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