The Livadia Palace

The Livadia Palace was built exclusively as a summer retreat for Nicholas II, the last tsar of the Russian Empire, and his lovely family. The Winter Palace in Saint-Petersburg was their main home, and Livadia became their summer residence.

There's an exposition on how the last Russian tsar's family lived: you'll find the luxurious private apartments on the 1st floor, Nikolai's private study (several photos taken by him; he was a big fan of photography), the dining room, the rich library, with a copy of a local newspaper called "Russkaya Riviera" (dated back to 1913), and a classroom with a lot of sketches by Nikolai's children. It's all open to visitors.

The historical Yalta Conference was held at the Livadia Palace in '45 and it housed the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the entire US delegation. On February 11th, the so-called Yalta Declaration divided the Nazi Germany into different parts, while some of the country's territory in the north and west was "handed" to Poland. Currently, the Palace is a museum open to tourists. But sometimes, different kinds of international summits and official events take place there.

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