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The national Russian currency is the RUBLE (RUB)


Local time in Crimea is the same as Moscow time (MSK)

* you can exchange foreign currency to rubles in all major banks and exchange outlets by showing your passport. You can withdraw cash from your bank or credit card at any ATM (bank machine). Many shops and restaurants except credit cards for payment.

Voltage: electric voltage in Russia is 220 volt at 50Ghz. European plug and sockets. Adapter may be needed as an extension.

Tips & Gratuities: Tips are given to hotel workers, restaurant staff, taxi drivers and tour guides. They are between 10% - 20% depending on the quality of service you received.

Telecomunications: You may use your own SIM card. You will be informed about roaming charges by the local operator when you place a call however we strongly recommend you to get a local SIM card to save your money. A local SIM card will cost you around 600₽ or 10$ and will usually give you unlimited mobile internet for 14 days and inexpensive calls.
Hotels, restaurants and certain tourist places in Crimea have open WiFi networks.

Souvenirs: a large selection of souvenirs is available to suit any taste. Cosmetic products, elite wines, cognac & Crimean delicacies.

Customs: Upon entry into Russia you must declare any amount exceeding $10,000US. You need a special permit to export fur clothing, archaeological findings, works of art, icons and coins. Information on customs is available on the website of Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Applying for VISA to the Russian Federation: Visa to Russia is a necessary condition for foreign citizen entering Russia. You need Tourist Visa
Tourist visa is issued for а foreign citizen entering Russia as a tourist, for a term of up to 30 days.
Foreign citizens, who wish to obtain a visa to Russia, shall apply to the Russian Consulate for visa processing. The order of presentation of documents is governed directly by the RF mission abroad, for all the necessary information should contact them. The period during which the document is issued, depends on the respective consulate.
The visa is issued on the basis of tourist invitation to Russia (a document consisting of a tourist voucher and confirmation of acceptance). When you book your trip, an invitation in your name will be issued by default stating the dates and destination(s) of the trip.
The Consulate may request the following documents:
- Tourist Invitation
- Passport (identity document)
- Confirmation of availability of funds
- A completed application form Consulate
- Medical Insurance. Medical insurance compensates expenses caused by an unexpected illness or accident away from home.

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