The new destination - Crimea

25.05.2018 22:44:38

The world of travel and tourism is currently buzzing with news of a new destination: Crimea!

Largely unknown to the majority of travellers, this new destination is a great place for a summer vacation and we offer several adventure tours to suite different tastes. Since it’s so much further east, humidity in Crimea is much lower than in Greece and Turkey in the summer. Because of fresh sea breeze high summer temperatures don’t become uncomfortable.

There are three climate zones in Crimea: steppe Crimea (north, west and center part), Crimean mountains and South coast of Crimea. Temperate climate of steppe Crimea is characterized by a long, hot and dry summer (up to +35°C - +37°C) and mild, low-snow winter (-1°C— -3°C).

Moderately cold and humid climate of Crimean Mountains brings very hot and dry summer and damp soft winter (-10°C - +10°C). The winter lasts from mid-November until the end of March. The snow stays on the peaks of the slopes (up to 1 meter thick) and avalanches are possible.

On the Southern coast of Crimea the climate is sub Mediterranean. The sunny, dry and hot summer (+24°C - +28°C) determines a resort season from May to October. The heat is softened with sea breezes, and short heavy rains. The Black Sea warms up to +25°C. The winter here is rainy with rare frosts (+2°C - +4°C). The best season is fall: warm dry and sunny (approximately +19°C). The swimming season lasts until mid-October.

The region sees over 280 days of sunshine per year and is an ideal place for vineyards & wine making. Crimea boasts many world renowned wineries such as Massandra, Noviy Svet, Sun Valley, Inkerman, Alma Valley, Golden Beam, Koktebel and several others.

Crimea has a lot to offer. From mountains to caves, canyons to rivers, beaches to ancient cities, palaces and mansions, resorts and sanatoriums, luxury hotels and camping grounds, botanical gardens and parks, water sports and activities, concerts and festivals, good food and fine wine, you are sure to find something that you’ll love and want to bring back with you.

Crimea marvel quest

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