The Inkerman Winery

The Crimean wineries are internationally known for their delicious flavor, and the Inkerman label is arguably the greatest one yet. The winery was founded in '61. But, the initial "objective" for the place was carving limestone mines. Yet, when the workers started cutting stone from the glorious mountains, a number of quite deep tunnels (5-30 meters in depth) were formed. The permanent temperature of 12-15 degrees and the just right humidity levels are simply perfect for aging wine.

The Inkerman Winery is one of the biggest and oldest classical winemaking enterprises in the peninsula. The basements are full of oak containers. Overall, there are 700 casks and barrels for aging wine. Obviously, the wine goes through a number of sophisticated physical and chemical processes before it reaches its full potential. It takes a lot of time for the wine to "ripen". And, while the wine is aging in those barrels, a team of specialists monitors the process and the state of the wine. The Inkerman winery is the only one in Crimea that offers a full range of table wines with the vintage European and local grape flavors and varieties.

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