Balaklava is a beautiful area just several kilometers south of Sevastopol's center. It's a wonderful resort that's wildly popular during the hot summer days, as there are a lot of exquisite and secluded beaches in the area that you can only reach by boat.

Balaklava is a peaceful, charming, tiny harbor town. The locals are very hospitable and friendly, gradually getting used to seeing foreigners after many years the city was closed for tourists, during the Soviet time. Then it was a part of a closed district of Sevastopol. Climbing onto the ruins of the Genoese fortress, you'll immediately understand why it had (and still does) such a huge strategic value in the centuries.

Balaklava sits on a tight and narrow S-shaped bay and is well-protected by steep hills from all over, which gives the ships in the port the ability to be left unseen from the sea. The army that controlled the cliffs where the fort stands also had control over the entrance to the bay. So, that's exactly why the British and their numerous allies picked it as the base from which they thought they would be able to lay siege to Sevastopol.

Balaklava is well known since the Ancient Greeks, the Byzantine Empire, during the Middle Ages, Genoese (again, you can visit the ruins of this fortress) and the modern-day Crimean Tatars.

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