Cape Aya

The incredible and unique Cape Aya is a 500m-high steep wall that's "falling" into the sea. It's one of those special places that you visit once and keep on coming back.

This carefully protected part of peninsula and its wonderful landscapes by the sea are a worthy match for the extravagant Mediterranean views and sceneries. Cape Aya has everything for rejuvenation: clean, fresh air filled with the delicious aroma of the juniper trees, the mesmerizing emerald blue waters of Laspi Bay , and the aura of the magnificent Crimean Mountains.

Cape Aya is located close to Balaklava and is like a unofficial border of the southern coast of the peninsula. Aya comes from the Greek word "ayos", which means "the holy one". The Cape's made up of marble-like limestone rocks that are covered with unique plants. Kokiya-Kiya is the highest rock out there - 558 meters above the sea - and it's also called the Blue Cliff. Due to the special microclimate, this rock is home to numerous rare animals, birds, and plants. The Cape Aya NLR (National Landscape Reserve) was founded to make sure the primeval state of nature here is untouched. The flora boasts 500+ plant species, most of which are included in the Red Book. They say that you won't find any other place on planet Earth that's sheltered extremely rare trees, like the Greek Strawberry Tree (it's got a red slash pink trunk and shining, emerald-like leaves; locals call it "Hussy"), the Greek Juniper and the Turkish Pine. These groves of beautiful and rare trees turn Cape Aya into a very special and quite a beautiful place.

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