Bakhchisarai and Bakhchisarai Khan’s Palace

Not many people know that this beautiful city used to be the glorious capital of the Crimean Khanate (one of the greatest states of the world in the 15-18th centuries) and Crimean People's Republic. The name in Crimean Tatar means "garden palace" (bahcha means garden, and saray means palace). Because of its architectural and historical value Bakhchysarai is called "the city of five centuries" .

While in the city, you could purchase a nice bucket of lavender collected from Crimean meadows, have a taste of the exclusive sweets including "baklava", "rahat-lucum" (it tastes like the Turkish delight) or the so-called “khvorost” (delicious pastry straws) and enjoy it with savory mountain tea from Crimean herbs in a cozy cafe near the magnificent Bakhchysarai Palace, a one-of-a-kind example of an imperial islamic construction by the Crimean Tatars. Make sure to check out the exquisite wooden balconies that are facing the entrance to Chufut-Kale. They were built exclusively for the Muslim dames back in the Middle Ages and remain to this day.

The Khan's Palace

The Khan's Palace, also known as Hansarai, was founded in the 16th century and served as the main palace to generations of Crimean Khans. It was the famous Khan Mengli-Girei who started building it in the beginning of the century, and, over the course of time, his successors made it bigger and better.

Behind the walls, you'll find a harem, a cemetary, a mosque, several living quarters and one of the most beautiful gardens in Crimea. The palace's interior is decorated specifically to reflect the way of living and traditions of the Tatars in the 16th century. Today, it's one of the most popular Muslim palaces in Europe.

The Divan Hall is where the honored State Council used to meet, and it still has the same stained glass windows from the 16th century. As for the Great Mosque, it was built in 1763 and designed by Omer, an esteemed Persian architect-designer who also built the famous "Fountain Of Tears".

The Khan's Palace is one of the rarest examples of the Crimean Tatar architecture from the 16th century. And, it's also a celebration of the strong-willed and resilient community.

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