Sevastopol has always been a key commercial/military port in the Black Sea. The city was built in 1783 to serve the Russian Navy in the region. During the Crimean war, the British besieged Sevastopol. The Soviets used the city as a major port for the Black Sea fleet. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Sevastopol became a part of Ukraine, a sovereign country, and both Ukrainian and Russian navy forces were based in the port.

For many years, Sevastopol was off-limits for foreigners and even Russians and Ukranians needed a special permit to get in the city. In 1997, when the Russian Federation handed over complete control of Sevastopol to the Ukrainian government, the city opened its doors to the tourists.

The Black Sea fleet is still here. Today you can take a boat tour to see the harbor, take pictures and even videos of the military fleet. After the agreement in 1997, Russia and Ukraine were left with roughly equal "shares" of the Soviet fleet. Then the Russians bought back the advanced ships, rented 3 enormous harbors for the ships to have a permanent base.

Sevastopol has a great history starting in 600BC. There are numerous monuments of several wars that Russia fought here and for many heroes that gave their lives defending Sevastopol.

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