Swallow's Nest

It's safe to say that "Swallow's Nest" is the most popular tourist attraction in Crimea. This breathtaking castle is a historical and architectural gem looking like a medieval fort. It's located right on the edge of a gigantic cliff (40-meter high) near Yalta (at Cape Ai-Todor). It's the unofficial symbol of the peninsula resembling a bird's nest that overlooks the coast between Miskhor and Livadia.

The roots of this historical place go back to the Medieval Times. Back in the day, the Romans had a fortress there; St. Theodore's monastery was founded near it. As for the residence, it was built right after the bloody Russian–Turkish war at the end of the 19th century for a decorated (and retired) Russian general. Unfortunately, his name is not known to us.

That tiny Gothic castle that is known as Crimea's symbol today was built in 1912. It's so small that there's only a miniature living room inside. There's a 2-story tower with stairs that lead to 2 separate bedrooms.

In 2002, after a major overhaul, Swallow's Nest was officially open to visitors again. And, since 2011, all kinds of cultural events take place in the castle, including archaeological, artistic and other exhibitions that change every month or two. In 2015, the Russian Government officially turned Swallow's Nest into "A site of cultural heritage of federal importance".

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