The Cable Car To Ai-Petri

The pulse-pounding cable car, "Miskhor - Ai-Petri", is by far one of the most popular and commercially successful facilities in the peninsula. It's appealing for the tourists and the locals alike.

You will surely be very impressed after taking this trip. In about 15 minutes, you will ascend to an altitude of 1153 meters and witness the mesmerizingly beautiful view of the South Crimean coast.

The work on the cable car began back in 1967 and continued for 2 decades. The cableway itself is 2980m long and stretches from Miskhor to the plateau of the Ai-Petri mountain. There are two supporting towers measuring 18 meters in height on the bottom part of the cableway. The cable car makes its first stop at Pine Forest, the middle station (391 meters in height) where the passangers transfer to the upper portion of the cableway.

The upper portion of the cableway is in the Guinness Book of World Records! It's the longest unsupported cableway in Europe. It's 1670m long, with the elevation angle of 46 degrees. The 15-minute ride offers a bird's eye view on Hurzuf and Foros, rising to the upper station at an altitude of 1153m . Safety standards and security checks are of highest priority. The cable cars go through scrupulous safety checks several times a day before getting the "green light".

In addition to being a great tourist attraction, this one-of-a-kind cable car is the only available "transport" from the mountains to Yalta and the big land during the harsh winter days.

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