The Golden Beam

The Golden Beam vineyards are spread all over the vast valley of Balaklava, on the glorious Sapun Mountain.

Yet in the X-VII century B.C, when Tauris started growing grapes in Balaklava (then it didn't have this name). In the VIII century B.C, while writing now-legendary "Odyssey", Homer mentioned the amazing bay of Balaklava. He was talking about the scary Lestrigons, huge cannibals that ate humans. The very first wine cellar was founded here in 1889 by Prince Golitsyn. And, when comparing these glorious lands to the French province of Champagne, the man called the wine the Golden Beam Crimean Champagne. In 2010, Golden Beam once again proved to be one of the best sparkling wines in the world. The ISWC (International Sparkling Wine Competition) "Lev Golitsyn" gave "White Semi-Dry" the golden medal, while "Brut Chardonnay" won the silver medal. This competition was arranged under the patronage of the world-esteemed International Organization of Wine & Grape in France.

In 2015, the generous investments into the development of the brand, including technology, production line, replanting new fields and more, allowed Golden Beam to introduce new products into the international markets. That same year, Golden Beam first entered the Russian market and created a brand-new product line a year later.

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