The Saki Lake

This is actually the oldest balneological resort; plus, it's a regional center with quite a tiny population - 35K citizens. The city is located right on the shores of Lake Saki, world famous for its magic mud. The very first mud resort in the peninsula was founded roughly 150 years ago. The lake itself is 1085 acres and only 1m deep. This mud lake is Crimea's pride and joy, and people have been coming here for ages. Later, when the world started to use natural resources in medicine, the Saki mud became hugely popular in curing all kinds of diseases. Saki's mud has a huge number of curing properties, including antibacterial, inflammatory, biodegradable. The mud is capable of piercing through the human skin and that's why it has such a great effect. Plus, it's helping with the overall tonus and mood. Essentuki-4, the Crimean mineral water, comes from nearby. As for the beaches, they're located 11 kilometers away from Saki, at the bay bar, outside the resort town.

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