The “Uchan-Su” Waterfalls

This wonderful waterfall is the highest on the peninsula - it's almost 100 meters high (98.5m, to be exact). The literal translation from the Turkish language is “flying water”, which is exactly right for a waterfall.

The average yearly consumption of discharged water is roughly around 50 liters/sec. On its way down, the water forms 2 cascades, and there's a tiny building with water intake on the second one. There's an awesome golden eagle statue on top of it. From there, the clean water goes into the Mogabi reservoir (300K M3) and is used by the citizens of Yalta. During heavy rains and/or when the snow starts to melt, the waterfall looks simply immaculate. However, during the summer, it goes almost completely dry. This waterfall freezes only when the temperature is abnormally low. Back in '86, Yuri Lishaev, the world-famous alpinist, climbed from the bottom of the Uchan-Su to the very top of it. In '47, the Russians declared the waterfall a nature reserve, and, since '73, the 'fall's territory became an official part of the mountain forest reserve in Yalta.

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