The Vorontsov Palace and Park

This is one of the most famous landmarks on the peninsula. This astonishing palace and the exquisite landscape park are situated at the pillar of Mount Ai-Petri.

The construction of the Vorontsov palace (AKA the Alupka Palace and Park Museum-Reserve)began in 1830 and lasted for 18 years and was finally finished in 1848. Mikhail Vorontsov, a count, was the original owner of this splendid palace. The man was also the governor general, the "patron" of the peninsula appointed by the Russian royal family. An architect from UK built (or, rather, designed) a monumental palace that would successfully mix English-Scottish traditions with the so-called Moorish style. True, it wasn't a customary combination at the time, but the architect proved that it had a great potential. When he was finished, the whole world appreciated the unique nature and elegance of the palace.

The interior of the legendary palace is both lush and compelling; and, it's open to the tourists/visitors. The dining hall in the Tudor traditions and the minstrels' luxuriant gallery are the highlights of the palace, not to mention the world-famous paintings, including some of Aivasovsky's (a native seascape artist with international praise) finest work. Overall, there are 150 rooms with antiquarian furniture, priceless paintings and gorgeous statues in the beautiful winter garden.

The palace is surrounded by a fascinating park that offers amazing views of the vivid sea and the epic mountains. The famed 6 sculptures of white lions on the south side of the park were made by a prominent Italian sculptor - Bonani. He also created some fantastic marble sculptures for the Capitol building in America (Washington, to be exact).

Crowned by the summit of Ai-Petri, the palace is surrounded by cypresses and magnolias.

The Vorontsov Palace Park is one of the finest examples of landscape art. It was founded over 200 years ago and holds 200+ species of trees and shrubs from every corner of planet Earth.

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