You could call Yevpatoriya a strategic city for the Russian Federation, as it's a huge Russian Black Sea port, an important rail hub, and a beautiful resort town. During the summer, Yevpatoriya turns into quite a busy city, with visitors from the northern Russian cities enjoying the beaches and the divine weather. Thus, the locals are working almost 24/7 during the hot months but are usually unemployed when winter strikes. Yevpatoriyans are great at making wine, processing food, catching fish, weaving and manufacturing everything from machinery to furniture and building materials. Obviously, tourism also plays a vital part in Yevpatoriya's infrastructure.

This is one of the oldest Crimean cities - 2500 years old. The first dated settlement in Yevpatoriya was called Kerkinitis. It was founded by Greek colonists and conquerors around 500 BC. Mithridates VI, King of Pontus, used Crimea as a big part of his dominions, and Yevpatoriya was named after the man himself - his nickname was Eupator. Later, the settlement was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and then the Crimean Khanate (they turned it into an urban center).

Yevpatoriya is one of the greatest climatic/spa treatment resorts on the peninsula and is a center for many different activities for kids. The city has spas of mineral water/salt/mud lakes. Now, the resorts are a part of a huge area with curative facilities. And, the major health-improving factors here are the pure air, the calm sea, the curing sunlight, as well as the brine/mud of the salt lakes. The healthy mineral water of the glorious hot springs is also quite a treat. The locals have known about the therapeutic qualities of the region and the mud for ages. Pliny the Elder, a scholar from the Roman Empire (ca 80 BC), mentioned Yevpatoriya in his manuscripts.

Two beaches in this resort town were the first ones (along with the other two in Yalta) that received a Blue Flag certificate in a CIS member state.


This is the part of the city that still has a lot of medieval buildings intact. It's called that because there are temples from various religions standing side by side, just like in the real Jerusalem. Here you'll find a mesmerizing Russian Orthodox cathedral, a grandiose Greek Church, a mighty Muslim mosque, an Armenian Church, Karaite kenesa and even a Muslim monastery (for dervishes, the monks) and not one, but two Synagogues.

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