Rediscovering Crimea - Crimea Marvel Quest

My husband and I recently visited Crimea.
I visited Crimea when I was a kid and I had very good memories of it. Back than we mostly had beach vacations but this time we had discovered that there is so much more to Crimea. My husband (Canadian) traveled to Crimea for the first time ever and he was amazed. I was very proud to show him the place with so much culture. It’s difficult to imagine how much history is there. The palaces of the South Coast are stunning. We tried different traditional dishes, mostly Tatar cuisine like shashliki and chebureki, paired with fine Crimean wine. Surprisingly, they have very good wine. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time, only several days as we didn’t plan to go to Crimea, only to St-Petersburg. Our friends and hosts Dima and Nastia (Crimea Marvel Quest) convinced us to come and I must say that we’re happy that we did. I would recommend touring with them as the service they provide is personalized. Awesome experience!

Rewiew by:  Elena Maximenko

Crimea marvel quest

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