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The 5-day wine tour will not only allow you to see the best and famous Crimean wineries (Sun Valley and Inkerman) and champagneries (Noviy Svet and Golden Beam), but also see some of the best attractions Crimean Peninsula has to offer (fortresses, churches, Massandra Palace and Swallow’s Nest castle, the ancient city of Khersones and more). The tour will take you from the Eastern part of Crimea through all the beautiful Southern Coast.

What's included:

• 6-night comfortable accommodation
• Breakfasts
• Transfer from/to the airport
• English speaking private guide
• Transportation according to the program of the tour
• Admission tickets to all visited landmarks (according to the program)

What is not included:

• Russian Visa • Flights • Meals and Drinks not specified • Personal expenses • Tips and gratuities (guides, restaurants, etc) • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)


Koktebel - Sun Valley Winery - Sudak - Noviy Svet - Champagnerie Noviy Svet - Yalta - Massandra Palace and Park - Massandra Winery - Swallow's Nest - Foros Church - Baidar Gate - Balaklava - Naval Base - GOlden Beam Winery - Sevastopol - Khersones - Cave Monastery of St.-Clement - Fortress Kalamita - Inkerman Winery

Day 1

• Koktebel

Sea excursion along the Kara-Dag mountain range. View the ancient extinct volcano. Unique landscapes: small bays, caves, rocks and grottos. Golden Gate - the symbol of Kara-Dag.
Relax on the beach in the Fox Bay

• Sun Valley Winery

Visit wine cellars and wine tasting. Taste the best Sun Valley wines: “Chorniy Polkovnik” (Black colonel) and “Chorniy Doctor” (Black Doctor). These wines are made from the grapes that grow only in the Sun Valley’s terroir. Visit to a brand store.
Walking on Sudak’s promenade. Free time.

Day 2

• Sudak

Excursion of the Genoese fortress of Sudak

• Novyi Svet

One of the most romantic and picturesque places in Crimea. Walk to the reserved bays by Golytsyn’s trail: Shalyapin grot, Falcon mountain, Karaul-Oba mountain, Tsars’ beach, cape Kapchik, relict Juniper Grove.
• Champagnerie Noviy Svet
Novyiy Svet possesses numerous awards and medals from prestigious international contests and events. We will visit the champagnerie’s tunnels and see the unique collection of wines. Tasting of 6 brands of champagne. Visit to the brand store.

• Yalta

Walking on the Yalta’s promenade. Supper, free time.

Day 3

• Massandra Palace and Park

The Massandra Palace stands in a beautiful parkland on the outskirts of Yalta. It contains a significant collection of fine art and period furniture in rooms set out to reflect the grandeur of its original nineteenth century owners.

• Massandra Winery

Tour the wine cellars. Famous branded wine house where the rarest examples of Massandra wines are being kept. Wine tasting. Visit to the brand store.

• Sightseeing walking on Yalta: Alexander Nevskiy Temple, Yalta’s seafront promenade.

• Swallow’s Nest Castle

A fascinating boat trip to the Swallow's Nest Castle. Amazing landscapes of Crimean South Coast from the water: surrounded by a necklace of subtropical parks and gardens, architectural facades of old palaces and estates, numerous luxurious parks, observation gazebos overlooking the coast, scenic cliffs.
Visit the Swallow’s Nest Castle – the Crimean icon.
Free time.

Day 4

• Foros church

Photo-stop at Foros Church of Christ’s Resurrection, which is one of the symbols of the South Coast

• Baidar Gate

The Baidar Gate is a mountain pass in the Crimean Mountains connecting the Baidar Valley with the Black Sea coast. It is enclosed by Mount Chelebi and Mount Chkhu-Bair. The view is breathtaking

• Balaklava

Balaklava - a scenic area a few kilometers south of the center of Sevastopol. A nice marina resort, popular with tourists in the summer - there are many beautiful beaches in the district, accessible by water.
Balaklava has a rich history: from Ancient Greeks, Byzantine Empire during middle ages, Genoese (you can still explore the remainder ancient Genoese fortress) to Crimean War and Second World War (Soviet era top-secret nuclear submarine base).

• Naval Base

Naval museum complex is an underground submarine base. It was a top-secret military facility during the Cold War. Today it serves as a museum.

30-minute boat trip in the open sea – a splendid panorama of Balaklava coast.

• Golden Beam winery

The area of "Golden beam’s" vineyards is 1420 hectares. Here they grow such classic grape varieties like Pinot and Chardonnay. In addition to these two main varieties grown in agro firm Sauvignon, Riesling, Aligote, Silvaner, Traminer. For the Muscat sparkling wine - white Muscat, Muscat Ottonel, Muscat amber, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat pink. In the tasting room you will be told about the wine production, its use and the drinking culture. Wine tasting. Visiting brand store

• Check in the hotel in Sevastopol. Free time

Day 5

• Khersones

A Unesco World heritage site, Khersones Tauride is the name of the city founded by Greek colonists more than two and a half thousand years ago in the south-western tip of the Crimea. Now its ruins - one of the attractions of Sevastopol.
It includes not only a permanent exhibition, but also archaeological sites, the ancient choir, where tourists can even take part in the expedition, and much more.

• Sevastopol

Walking tour at the main touristic promenade of Sevastopol: Panorama museum, Sevastopol downtown (Count’s Landing Stage, Admiral Nakhimov Sq., Maritime Boulevard, Monument to the Scuttled Ships, St. Vladimir’s Cathedral)

• Cave Monastery of St.-Clement

The Byzantine Monastery, probably founded around the 8th century by icon-venerators fleeing persecution in their homeland.

• Fortress Kalamita.

Medieval fortress build in 8th-9th century.

• Inkerman winery

The famous cellars of Inkerman Winery, the length of which - 55 thousand square meters!
You will get acquainted with the history of the plant and expert winemakers, who have given many years of their lives to perfect their craft. They will reveal some of the secrets of wine production, share the unique practical knowledge they acquired during many years and of course, the best part of the program will be wine tasting, during which you will be able to fully appreciate the taste and quality of natural wines of INKERMAN, born in the unique climatic conditions of th

e Crimea.
Please, contact us for a quote The price and itinerary may vary depending on the number of tour participants and the dates chosen (season).


  • RANGE: 5 days
  • TRIP TYPE: Individual tour or tour in a small group
  • STARTS: Koktebel
  • ENDS: Inkerman
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